Plain Language Privacy Policy

Number 1: We respect your right to privacy and understand that visitors like to know how we may use information that may be provided to us during the course of your visit. Really, you don't provide us with anything that you don't provide to every other website you visit, but just in case you become an EVTV1 super user here's what we may collect and what we may do with it.

Number 2: Here's what we know about you: your computer's IP address, and maybe your email address but only if you give it to us. Also, some pages of our site and some advertisers may use cookies so you may find one or two of those in your cookie jar. But that's about it. We don't know your name, where you live, or anything else about you (and we really don't care.) We just hope you enjoy viewing some clips and visit some of our advertisers; is that so wrong?

Number 3: Your IP address is given to every website you visit, there's nothing you or anyone else can do about it except turn off the computer and move to Wisconsin. As there's really nothing your IP says about you other than where you are in the world and who your ISP happens to be, we don't really do anything with the list of IP addresses collected. Of course, we can use it to find out where you are in the world and who your ISP is. so you have that to worry about.

Number 4: If you give us your email address, we will treat it with the level of respect it deserves. What does that mean? That means if you signed up to receive one of our newsletters, then we're going to send it to you. You may opt-out or un-subscribe at anytime and we will honor your un-subscribe as soon as the list manager software processes the request (usually immediately but sometimes it takes a few hours.) The bottom line is that we like our customers and want them to like us. So we're 100% CAN-SPAM complaint and try our best to treat you fairly. We may use your email to send you stuff we hope you like, we may let other people send you stuff that we think you'll like, but we think that your inbox belongs to you and if you say stop sending something, then that something should stop.

Number 5: A cookie only tells us what clips are being view by the same person; they tell us nothing about you. The idea being that we're trying to create a user friendly interface so if we see that you like sports clips, then we'll find more sports clips and present them to you. If you choose to block all cookies that ok with us, our site should work just fine for you.

Number 6: Our advertisers are not us. We don't know what they do, what information they may collect, what cookies they set or how they track. If it wasn't for the fact that they give us money we would say they might be evil incarnate. So if you leave our site (but why would really you want to?) you're on your own.

Number 7: Our streaming may have some sort of digital rights management system that collects other information that we know nothing about. We hate DRM but some of our clips are owed by people who love DRM. (Oh how it sucks to be caught in the middle.) So if you gave iTunesT some information about you and your viewing a QuicktimeT clip on our site we have no idea what AppleT knows about you, the clip, and anything else. Talk to AppleT.

Number 8: People always ask about the "Tell a Friend" option. Look, we want you to share EVTV1 with everyone you know, and know you're not signing everyone up to a spam-list in the process. So, if you choose to use our Tell a Friend" referral service we will send them one email inviting them to view what you thought they would enjoy. We store your email, and your friend(s) email(s) only for the sole purpose of sending this one-time email. Ok?

Number 9: Don't be a fool; protect your privacy. When you use publicly accessible computers clear the history, archives, and whatever else that PC may have saved about you.

Number 10: If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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